Every company’s website automatically becomes a marketing and advertising tool. It presents all the information about the company’s activity. And the information is not simply presented, but is well structured and arranged to attract the attention of users from all over the world.

Why a website is a better than TV, radio or newspapers ?

Unlike advertising on TV or placing banner ads throughout the city, the website will only advertise for people who are really interested in what is presented on the site. At the same time, the Internet allows us to organize advertising in several ways, such as: text links, advertising banners and publishing information on other websites. Every day, the number of people who read newspapers and watch TV is reduced, and the Internet is steadily rising. Isn’t this a reason to get you think about it?

The website will allow you to sell more easily the products or services you offer. It plays an important role in the work of online stores, corporate resources and promo sites.

The online store

The online store is a website with a larger amount of pages and a more complicated administration. Every online store must allow customers to add the products they want to the shopping cart. It is also necessary to collect customer data, present payment methods and delivery details. As a rule, websites made for online stores have an interface that allows you to modify your website to be able to renew your product mix and change prices.

Corporate website

This is the most appropriate choice for a serious company that has a lot to say to existing and potential customers. The corporate site must firstly correspond to the company’s field of activity. To gain the expected results, it would be great if the information is renewed periodically, and the client is offered a site that can be easily navigated. The main function of a corporate site is to give the customer the opportunity to receive the services or products that they might get coming to your company’s headquarters via the Internet without leaving the house. Meaning both the information (text, photo or even live chat with the company’s manager) and the preparation of the order, payment and delivery to the address indicated by the client. Another advantage of the website is saving money on staff. The  business owner  pays once for the creation of the website and this information will be accessible anywhere, anytime and without the involvement of many employees, who usually provide consultations and informational support to customers.

Promo site

This type of a website is most often used as an advertising tool. Most of the time, promo sites are created to bring customers up to date with certain promotions that take place within a company. In this case, the site must include information about the term, the conditions of the promotion and the promotion, the winnings offered, and last but not least the way the prizes are raised by the clients. Another situation when calling for a promo site takes place after the launch of a business, when the entrepreneur decides to become known on the market. Likewise, it is also desirable to create a promo site when an existing company comes to the market with new products for customers. For a promo site to attract the attention of customers, site-makers need to use multimedia technologies, flash animations, and polls and raffles should not be missed on the site.

So I hope that I convinced you that your best advertiser and seller can be your website. Check out our next article where you will discover the branding power of a website and how it can promote your company’s image.