The website provides information about your company at any time, to many people simultaneously, and worldwide. The amount of information that will be displayed on the site depends primarily on the business you are dealing with. This article will describe the informative function that should convince you why a website is a great solution for presenting a business and its activities. On websites, you can find the information you need in a large amount, faster and in a more convenient way.

Any website, depending on its profile, should contain the following information:

Company’s field of activity

Construction, agriculture, light or food industry – it doesn’t matter, what’s important is that regardless of the field of activity, each company needs a website.

Details about products or services provided by your company

The website offers the possibility to place a lot of information about products or services, categorized by any criteria, to minimize client’s efforts when making a choice.

Contact details

It is very convenient to specify the addresses and contact information for all the offices and subsidiaries of the company on your website. You should include the e-mail address, social networking sites and the map with means of transportation indicated on it to help customers reach your company.

Medals or other merits of the company, worthy of praise

It’s easy to fill in a category with the medals your company received and details of what you’ve done to get them on the website. Providing such information is very difficult to do during a tête-à-tête conversation.

Company’s portfolio

Certainly, every businessman can tell you a lot about his business and has results that he can boast of. Use the website to publish the best works and why not, tell how they were executed. The company’s portfolio plays a special role for customers, who choose to contact serious companies that have an impressive portfolio.

Feedback form

There must be a form on the website that would allow site visitors to ask you questions, send an order, thank you, or complain at any time. This form helps both sides.


Indeed, for a website to be successful, it is imperative that the information is always updated and that the company’s news is added periodically.

So now you know why websites can be named “springs of information”. In our next article – Marketing function of websites you will discover how an website can be the main leads generator or even more – your main seller  .