The obvious benefits

Nowadays, it is well known that a quite important role in the development of a business is its digital presence. The website is a business tool that can help you optimize your workflow and win clients at the same time. If a company doesn’t own a website, most of it’s potential clients will view company’s services or products without much confidence.

Imagine that you recently launched a business. You have qualified staff and great opportunities for further development of your business. Now you have a very important thing to do – to attract as many customers as possible. That means you have to go to the bitter end to make loads of people find out about you. In this case, there is a wide variety of ways to find customers but the optimal solution in terms of cost efficiency is of course the creation of your company’s website.

What are the main functions of a website ?

Before creating their own website, many would have asked themselves: Why do I need a website and what are the advantages of creating it? As a reply, I want to point out that any website performs several functions simultaneously, and the main ones are:

The functions listed below will be further developed, as well as the role and importance of creating a website.

The purpose of this article is not to present the statistics of companies without a website, but we will definitely mention that there are many ones who have been active in the market for years but don’t have their official website. This is one of the reasons why these companies are losing many opportunities not being always close to customers’ requirements.

Factors that impact on company’s success

Regarding digital presence, there are several important indicators that have a significant impact on company’s success. These include the personalization of the website, the customer service, the convenience and ease with which customers access the website, its content and its competitiveness.

Regarding the content of a website, it would have been great if it contains convincing information for customers which at the same time is pretty accurate. Content must be appropriate to the organization’s business, stimulate and attract customers’ attention, inform the target audience, be accessible and fit the demands of the target audience, represent the company’s brand, and most importantly – the presented information must impress the client, making him/her to return to the site in the nearest future.

Customer service is an indicator that must be definitely present on the website. You’re wondering why it should be mandatory? I can also give you an answer to this: The website should actively involve the clients as they expect the online environment to be open to discussion and interaction. For example, when a customer visits a company’s website, it is desirable to have somewhere in the corner of the page a chatting option with a consultant to get the exact information he or she needs as soon as possible. This will ensure transparent communication between the two parties so that each of them benefits.


Federal Express is one of the companies that attracts much attention to the customer service indicator. This allows its customers to find the status and current location of their packages simply by accessing the company’s website. Thus, customer requirements are met and at the same time their confidentiality is ensured.

People form a community, they have a culture, sometimes with tangent points, sometimes with different characteristics. However, it would be good for a company’s website to take into account the fact that people always feel the need for interaction and contact, and through a blog or forum, customers have the opportunity to share common interests, opinions and impressions about certain things.

Is time to act

About 46% of all small businesses from the US, the country where the internet has already become a part of everyone’s lives, need a website. We are at a point in time when any company, just like a phone, should also have a website because its existence brings a lot of advantages. It should be said that the website performs several functions and main ones will be presented starting from our next post – Website’s informative power – best and most effective business card.